Has your child been diagnosed with dyslexia?

We offer a full range of physical therapy treatment including:

  • Functional exercise equipment 
  • Balance and neuromuscular training 
  • Yoga and core strengthening integrative techniques 
  • Enhanced body weight training 
  • “Return Sooner, Return Better” Sports Rehab 
  • Agility and proprioceptive training 
  • Injury prevention programs & lifetime workout

Our unique facility combines a positive atmosphere for physical therapy with a separate area for youth sports training and rehab based on a functional neuromuscular approach.


We offer complete rehabilitation programs including:

  • Healing modalities and hands on treatment
  • Effective exercise therapy utilizing a total body approach
  • Therapy-based pilates
  • Therapy-based yoga
  • Sports-specific training emphasizing balance and functional training, and body suspension training
  • Functional training

Dunphy’s Physical Therapy space embodies a calming, spa-like quality for a stress-free experience and contains a separate training center like no other.


Our facility is stocked with the latest equipment including:

  • Cybex Strength systems
  • Nordic Track
  • Crossrobics
  • Our very own Right Weigh Exercise Guidance system
  • Treadmill/ Elliptical
  • Free weights
  • Recumbent and upright bikes
  • Gravitron
  • Pilates Springboards
  • Pilates Reformers
  • All physical therapy modalities
Dunphy FacilityDunphy FacilityDunphy Facility

Service Offered

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